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Become a Muffle Supplier

Starting the process

Are you looking to grow with a thriving business? You’ve come to the right place. Muffle has been steadily growing for the past few years and we’re showing no signs of stopping! As our business, employees and clients have grown, so has our outstanding supplier base. From the smallest of accessories to full acoustic ceiling solutions our suppliers continue to be essential to us, and you can join them. We’re looking for suppliers from all areas to grow with Muffle.

Whether you supply small accessories or entire meeting pods, we want to work with you.

Kickstart the business relationship of a lifetime and become a Muffle supplier!

1 . What we look for in a supplier

Suppliers are the backbone of our business. We want to work with suppliers who share our visions and values, after all, compatibility is essential for any good relationship. If you’re a business that prides themselves on high-quality, good-looking products; actively works towards building a sustainable presence; designs, manufactures and supplies products that consider the importance of well-being and performance; is eager to grow your brand, then we couldn’t be more excited to work with you.

Want to know more about us? Read about Muffle.

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You can learn about our corporate social responsibility here.

2 . Supplier requirements

Before we can begin our collaboration, potential suppliers must comply with all our requirements. This includes in depth product information such as dimensions, weights, materials, shipping costs, along with high resolution images in a variety of formats. We also require documents such as technical data sheets, fire safety accreditations, installation guides and accurate contact details. We need to know logistics such as lead times and insurance proof along with up-to-date T&C’s, prices, payment details and much more.

You need to be able to provide all the relevant information to become a Muffle supplier. Before you continue, please read this brochure that details all our mandatory requirements. If you meet all the requirements necessary to work with us, then all you have to do now is fill out our application form!

3 . Apply now

Ready to join us? If you think we’re a good match, you can comply with all our essential requirements and you’re excited to grow with us, it’s time to fill out the application form!