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Moss wall panels are a popular type of wall panel which aim to add a sense of nature to a space. We offer a variety of moss types including reindeer moss, as well as a variety of frame shapes to suit the requirements and aesthetics of the surroundings. As moss walls are naturally absorbent, not only do they make the room look more vibrant and inviting, but they also help to absorb sounds to create a more comfortable environment.

Our moss wall panels are made using preserved moss. A type of moss that is no longer living and has been chemically treated, meaning it won’t lose its vibrancy and doesn’t require the maintenance that a traditional plant needs. Using a moss wall, you can improve the overall feel of an environment with a touch of nature that makes offices feel lively, houses feel homier, and restaurants feel more vibrant.

Shop our range of moss wall panels which liven up a space without the need for typical plant upkeep. Highly decorative and with acoustic benefits, moss panels are a quick and easy way to transform your space for the better.

Shop our range of moss wall panels available in a variety of moss types and frame shapes. Made from preserved moss, our moss wall panels offer a range of benefits that plants provide without the hassle of typical plant upkeep. Ideal for improving the feel of an office, adding vibrancy to a restaurant, or making a house feel homier.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is preserved moss?

Preserved moss is moss that is no longer living as it has been chemically treated for preservation. Preserved moss is non-toxic, completely safe, and easy to maintain as the moss doesn’t require food, water, or sunlight to survive.

How long does preserved moss last?

The life span of preserved moss is dependent on the environment that the moss wall panel is kept in. Moss walls can last several years provided they are placed out of direct sunlight, kept dry, and their surrounding area has a humidity level above 35%.

Do moss walls attract bugs?

Moss walls made from preserved moss won’t attract bugs as the moss has been chemically treated.

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